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In 2003, after many many years of playing, practising and touring i realised the need to pass on what i'd learnt from being a performing musician all the mistakes i'd made and had to figure out for myself and all the good stuff i'd learnt that gives one's unique style most players are still developing there style/sound day after day year after year decade after decade as thats what we do and being completely self taught i had no one to show me the ropes or short cuts so in many ways i can get you to a better place a lot quicker then i got there !!!

Core learning

Someone Reading Sheet Music

Beginner Fundamentals

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Sheet Music Edits

Intermediate Technique

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Worthing BN11 3EH, UK


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“Truly talented, amazing and inspiring teacher. The classes were extremely professional but also comfortable. This is a teacher with a warm heart, great attitude and amazing skills. Highly recommended. ”

Casey Johnson

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Advanced Music Theory

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